Selected Media Citations

2019  Religion@UVM Blog“Reflection on Dr. Tia Noelle Pratt’s Lecture”.  October 26, 2019. 

2019  America:  The Jesuit Review“How the church can recognize the legacy of slavery and move toward reconciliation”. September 27, 2019.

2019  The Hawk“Investigation on Hold”.  May 1, 2019. 

2018  The Hawk“Freedom of Speech versus Silence”.  October 31, 2018.  

2018  The Hawk“Say Goodbye to the Chili Pepper”.  October 31, 2018.

2018  Pray Tell:  Worship, Wit, and Wisdom.  “Racism and the Liturgy:  Q & A with a Sociologist”.  November 15, 2018.  

2018  The Hawk.  “The Effect of a Life Changing Educator.”  April 25, 2018.          

2018  Eyes on the Street“Saying goodbye to Philadelphia’s first black Catholic church.” March 28, 2018. 

2018 “If Catholic Church owns up to its racism, it can change, says scholar.”  February 20, 2018. 

2018  The Ampersand“‘Listen to Those Who Have Been Excluded’: Q&A with Sociologist Tia Noelle Pratt, PhD.”  January 3, 2018.                  

Selected Media Appearances

2016 “Living with the Sins of the Past: Perspectives on Jesuit Slaveholding”.  Catholic Intellectual Series, St. Joseph’s University, October, Philadelphia, PA.

2015 “Catholic Young Adults and the Future of Family Life”. Invited Panel Presentation, What Do We Mean by Family?: An Overview of Contemporary Families, St. Joseph’s University Meeting on the Family, September, Philadelphia, PA.

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